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Free Project Tips and Ideas

Welcome to my Learning Center! Here you’ll find a wealth of links to free video tutorials you can watch anytime and downloadable projects, tip sheets and technique tutorials. I’m always adding and updating this page so check back often for new content and Happy Creating!




Top 10 Clay Tips

Glossary of Polymer Clay Terms

Polymer Clay Basics

Foil Application, Tips & Tricks Video

Skinner Blend

Striping Basics

Basic Sutton Slice

Lisa’s Foil – Faux Dichroic Basics

Mother’s Day Magnet Project

Father’s Day Project

Magic Glos™ Usage + Tips & Tricks

Photography Tips

Crystal Column

Crystal Column






Faux Postage

Faux Postage







Majestic Metal Frames

Majestic Metal Frames






Micro Artifacts

Micro Artifacts






Glitter Panel Necklace

Glitter Panel Necklace






Groovy Card Case

Groovy Card Case






Confetti Pendant

Confetti Pendant







Pocket Watch Micro-Collage

Pocket Watch Micro-Collage







Image Transfer Coasters

FIMO Blending Chart

Majestic Metal Frames Project

Jewelry Basics

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles in Clay

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March 2014: Glitter Earrings

April 2014: Dew Kissed Rose Magnet

June 2014: Photo + link to the video tutorial for the Acrylic Forms

July 2014: Easy Peasy Powdered Pattern Project

Sept 2014: Metal Mosaic Effect

How to Use Border Molds

Let’s take a look at how we can use my border molds with polymer clay to make beautiful accents, edges, frames and borders. We’re going to take the simple elegance border right here and use a release agent. I like to use Armor All or STP Son-of-a-Gun which is simply an automotive tire dressing that’sContinue Reading

How to Use Magic-Glos™ Video

I’d like to show you how to work with my Magic-Glos™ product. It comes in a one ounce and a six ounce bottle. This is the original UV resin for crafting and creating that I developed in order to use on polymer clay and other surfaces. This is a wonderful product because it dries inContinue Reading

How to Use Textured Stamps

These are just four of dozens of texture stamps that I designed for polymer clay, metal clay and other moldable materials. We’re going to go ahead and start showing you one way to work with the clay and that would be to get a beautiful embossed effect using the garden glory stamp. We took aContinue Reading

How to Use Mylar-Backed Crafting Foils

In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to use my mylar-backed foils for crafting and clay but we’ll just be showing how to apply them to conditioned polymer clay. The foils come in sets with six colors per set. This is from the Expressions set which includes sheets of copper, splash, silver, gold, aContinue Reading

How to Use Embossing Cutters

I’m going to show you how to use my embossing cutters to create beautiful adornment for home décor and to make jewelry. They come in four sets and here you see two of them. This is the rose leaf set. Each set comes with three different sizes of the cutters. The embossing cutters are roseContinue Reading

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